Economics for the International Baccalaureate. HL andSL. 18.07.2015 .

1. The fundamentals of economics. 2. Competitive economic markets, demand and supply, equilibrium prices.

3. Price elasticities of supply and demand, Income and cross elasticities of demand. 4. Taxes, Subsidies and

social  welfare costs and market outcomes. 5. Externalites and other market failures. 6. Production, costs,

revenues and profits of firms. 7. Perfect competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic competition, and Oligopoly

as models of businesses and the market. 8. Economic activity of a country as a whole. 9. Keynsian and monatarist

models of total demand and supply. 10. Low unemployment and a low, stable inflation rate as Macroeconomic

aims. 11. Economic growth and equity of income distrbution. 12. Demand and supply side policies as government

policies. 13. International trade, benefits and risks. 4. Balance of payments and floating and fixed exchange

rates. 15. Terms of trade and economic cooperation of countries. 16. Economic development and growth.

17. Influence of trade and domestic factors on economic development. 18. Foreign investment, aid and

multinational coorporations. 19. Free markets and Government control.

Exam dates Economics, Nov 2015,

Tuesday Afternoon, 3rd Nov, Economics HL Paper 1.

                                                                      SL Paper 1.

Wednesday Morning, 5th May, 2015, Economics, HL Papers 2 and 3.

                                                                                SL Paper 2.

These dates can be changed by the IBO. 18.07.2015