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1. Text analysis

2. Precis.

3. Answering questions on a text.

4. Dictations.

5. Grammar

6. Translation from and to German and French.

7. Letterwritng.

8. Writing stories.

1.  Articles: The indefinite article 'a and an'. The definite article 'the'.

2.  Nouns:  Kinds, gender, plurals.  The possessive case.

3.  Adjectives: Kinds, position, comparison.  Adjectives of quality.

4.  Demonstrative, distributive and quantitative adjectives and pronouns.

5.  Interrogative adjectives, pronouns and adverbs.

6.  Possessive adjectives, personal and other pronouns.

7.  Relative pronouns and relative clauses.

8.  Adverbs.

9.  Prepositions.

10. Conjunctions

11. Introduction to verbs.

12. The auxilliaries be, have, do.

13.  may, can

14  must, have to, need.

15. The auxilliaries ought, dare, used.

16. The present tenses.

17. The past and perfect tenses.

18. The future.

19. The sequence of tenses.

20. The conditional.

21. Other uses of will, would, shall, should.

22. The infinitive.

23. The gerund.

24. Infinitive and gerund/ present participle construction.

25. The participles.

26. Commands, requests, advice.

27. The subjunctive.

28. The passive voice.

29. Reported speech.

30. Clauses of purpose, comparison, reason, time, result, and concession.

31. Irregular verbs.

32. Verbs and prepositon/adverbs.

33. Numerals, dates, and weights and measures.

34. Spelling rules.


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