International Baccalaureate Chemistry HL and SL. 26.04.2017

1. Quantitative Chemistry. 2. Atomic and electronic structure of atoms and molecules. 3.The Periodic Table and the elements.

4. Chemical bonding in molecules and substances. 5. Energy in chemical reactions 6. Kinetics of Reactions. 7. Equilibrium. 8. Acids, Bases 

and pH values. 9. Redox reactions 10. Organic Chemisty. 11. Electron configurations in atoms and molecules. 12. Periodic groups and rows 

of elements. 13. Quantum bonding theories. 14. Thermodynamics of reactions   15. Dynamics of chemical reactions. 16. Equilibrium in 

chemical reactions. 17. Calculations and titrations in chemical reactions with acids and bases. 18. Redox reactions and  Electrolysis.

19. Advanced Organic Chemistry.


A. Modern Analytical Chemistry. B. Human Biochemistry C. Chemistry in industry and Technology. D. Medicines and drugs.

E. Environmental Chemistry F. Food Chemistry. G. Further Organic Chemistry.