Tuition is provided in physics from the first year (which varies from school to school and

country  to country) up to the final school examinations, and through to a university first

degree. Help can also be provided for postgraduate courses. For more information

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Physics for the International Baccalaureate HL/SL 08.05.2017

1. Physics and Physical constants. 2. Mechanics. 3.Thermal properties of matter. 4.Oscillations and Waves. 

5.Electricity and Magnetism, 6.Atomic and Nuclear Physics. 7.Digital Technology. 

Options. (SL)

1. Sight and wave phenomena. 2.Quantum Physics  3.Digital Technology. 4. Relativity and particle Physics 

Options (SLand HL)

1. Astrophysics. 2. Communications 3.Electromagnetic waves 

Options (HL)

1. Special and General Relativity. 2.Biomedical Physics. 3.Particle Physics.

Physics and TOK.